Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Culture and History of Food and Drink in Australia

Australia with it's wide variety of restaurants, delis and bistros that puts it amongst the best food & drink capitals of the world when it comes to high quality, fine dining. Thanks to the mix of people, cultures and traditions, the country has a rich tapestry of flavours that is sought after world-wide, influencing other cultures and palettes.

Early Roots from the Sea

With some of the world’s best seafood at hand, many specialist restaurants have gained notoriety in recent years due to the innovative mix of south Asian and European styles, creating a culinary style of their own. 

The country has a rich history of fishing and it continues today with shrimp being a particular favourite, as well as reimagined fish and chips and other classics that were brought over from years gone by. Many new and original meals were created in the early years, with a limited but wide assortment of spices, local nuts, fruits and seafood was prepared and created to start a culinary revolution in the new world.

Eating Outdoors

For nearly 100 years the BBQ has been a mainstay of nearly every Australian home, creating not only a delicious way to enjoy a meal but as a family gathering opportunity or a party. Since the early days, sausages and chops are largely still enjoyed, with a move into chicken, beef, quail and shrimp bringing up the modern era.

With the addition of Asian, Indian and African spices – and native seasonings and flavourings, the BBQ has evolved into a high quality cooking method, with a number of pubs and bars taking advantage of the great quality food that can be enjoyed on them. Venues such as the Wembley Hotel in Perth houses a courtyard that excels in gastro pub style BBQ food making it an ideal party venue.

Bush Tucker Transformed

As the indigenous population of Australia has relied on self-sustained regional food for many thousands of years, the type of food available today has never been wider. Chefs have long used food and drinks native to the country for many years, but there has been a recent spike n interest for tasting the true flavour of the country.

There are many opportunities to go out into the outback and taste the true bush tucker with the help of a tour guide to show you the way, as well as learn about how the food is prepared and cooked in the same way as it was before the Europeans arrived.

Native ingredients continue to be used, and are celebrated in many restaurants, offering the best mix of original, regional, seasonal and flavourful dishes this part of the world does best!

Original Aussie Beverages

Whilst the import of rum and ginger ale were hailed when the country was just beginning, Australia has a rich history of creating its own take on popular drinks. With brewing companies starting early to create popular beers and lagers, the creation of a number of small vineyards back in the day has flourished into a world class wine industry that puts many established wines to shame.

From large scale wine production to small, family-run artisanal vineyards, the wine on offer is exceptionally good in all regards. In recent years, whisky producers have taken their place on the world stage to create some of the best produced alcohol this side of Scotland. Finding a great bar to enjoy fine Aussie ale is easy in Perth, with the Wembley Hotel one of the oldest establishments still running to serve customers in a relaxed style, with good pub grub to match.

Australia has many tastes to savour if you are travelling across the country. From deeply historic native foods and bush tucker, to traditional recipes that people brought over and made fit with the local produce. Fine dining restaurants and a mix of Asian, Indian and African foods to discover, Australia has a meal for every palette – even the best Chicken Parma in the world!

Monday, 8 August 2016

6 Fun Stuffs to Do with Friends That Don't Cost Much

We just celebrated friendship day and many of us are reinventing the magic of friendship once again. Hanging out with the crazy bunch, endless chatting-gossiping, eating-drinking or just random roaming, FRIENDS (had to bring out the reference) seem fun no matter what you do. 
You don’t necessarily need to spend a bucket load of money to have fun time with friends. You just need enthusiasm, love and a little time from your super busy schedule. 

Here are 6 fun stuffs that you can go with your friends without spending much:

Have a Movie Night

You guys have a movie genre that you all like, right? Or fan of a particular fantasy world? Arrange some pop-corn, a few drinks and chips or order pizza, pick up a new movie or an old classic one, invite them all at your home, have a ‘movie night to remember’.

Set Up a Book or ‘Anything Craftsy’ Club

Some of you in the group must love books, collect coins or are hugely interested in DIY crafts. Something that connects your interests. Start a club. Have meet-ups every other week. Share your interest and knowledge. Time will fly and learning something new will be fun.

Visit the Parks or the Beaches, Have a Picnic

Pack your picnic buckets, put on the hat, pick a sunny day and go out for a picnic with your friends. Bathe under the sun, jump in the ocean, get lost in the greens, do any or all of these while being surrounded by your best buddies. 

Fall in Love with Your Town All Over Again

It’s been days you have gone out for a walk just in the city. Now it’s time, find your gang, explore your city with them. Check out the new place that everyone has been talking about for days, visit those hidden streets only you guys know about, indulge in the smells and scenes of your hometown.

Attack the Local Pubs with Full Force 

A night with friends in the local pub, with good food and ice cold beer, who wants more! Every city has those places, popular with both the young and older crowed, have something for everyone. You know which sports bar or pub is the one in your neighbourhood, check in and have a blast!

Go for Hiking or Fishing or Biking or A Photowalk May be?

You have an array of fun stuffs to choose from! Just gotta pick up the phone, make those long delayed phone calls, set up a date and get going! Because life is waiting for you. Don’t regret the time you are missing now for something that probably can be on a hold for a while!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The 4 Most Common Wine Varieties

If you’re a regular wine-drinker, you’ll know that there’s a drop for just about every occasion. Whether it’s the perfect accompaniment to a nice meal, a refreshing drink on a warm day or a way to unwind after a stressful day, you’ll find a wine for the job. At The Wembley Hotel, we serve a range of fine wines varying in quality and flavour. In this month’s article, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the most widely enjoyed red and white wines in Australia and what situations there are suited to.


The go-to red for many, Merlot is often described as being quite soft, with a fruitier flavour than many other red wines. It is made from especially dark coloured grapes which are often harvested earlier - this means that the wine takes longer to mature and can have a lower alcohol content than other reds. In terms of when to enjoy it, Merlot is a classic red meat wine so make sure you have a bottle handy next time you’re cooking up a steak!


Chardonnay is a wine known not only for its ‘malleability’ and varied taste from region to region, but for how easy it is to grow in a range of different areas. This has made it one of Australia’s favourite wines for many years as the grape can prosper just about anywhere, regardless of rainfall and altitude. What constitutes a good drop of chardonnay is difficult to pin down, given that the flavours are so varied from region to region. Chardonnay is greatly influenced by the winemaker and you might pick up on any number of different flavours from vanilla to citrus fruit and coconut.


Grown on some 40,000 hectares in Australia, Shiraz is the popular red wine in the country. It arrived on our shores back in 1831 and has been widely enjoyed ever since! While it is a red, it’s similar to chardonnay in that flavours can change greatly when grown in different areas - indeed this is one of the great things about wine and wine culture. Australian Shiraz varieties tend to big, striking and highly aromatic, making it a fine choice as an accompaniment to a BBQ or roast.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sav Blanc grape originated in France and is now grown across every major continent, with Australian varieties often described as being the best wine to enjoy with seafood, including sushi. Usually enjoyed chilled, Sauvignon Blanc can have a sparse, grassy and acidic taste compared to other whites is quite refreshing in hotter weather.

While they’re all special in their own ways, everybody has a favourite drop of wine. Which is your wine of choice out of those mentioned here? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below! Remember to come and visit us at the Wembley Hotel and check out our extensive wine list.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Australia’s 5 Most Enjoyed Beers

Around the world, we Australians are known for our love of beer and it really goes without saying that we’re spoilt with some of the finest, tastiest drops (if you will) brewed and bottled right here in our own backyard. Whether it be our lively craft beer community and culture or even the more common beers you’re likely to enjoy at your local bars or restaurant, we hold our own when it comes to quality brews.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite commercially sold beers here in Australia and what makes them what they are!

Carlton Draught

According to a 2015 study, Carlton Draft is far and away the most widely consumed beer in Australia, enjoyed by a whopping 17% of the country’s beer drinkers. What makes Carlton Draft the go-to for so many Aussies? 
Well for one thing it’s readily available, being served on tap in every state. The beer also is also advertised very effectively, with a number of memorable commercial through the years, various viral marketing campaigns and the fact that it is the official beer of the AFL. Another reason that makes it such a hit is that it’s makes a terrific tap beer (not nearly as good in a stubbie) and it’s distinctively smooth.


Another beer from the South East, Victoria Bitter is just about as Aussie as it comes. The working man’s beer, VB is drunk by 12% of the beer drinking community in Australia and has a decent advertising campaign itself, having one of the most immediately recognisable and distinctive jingles in Australian advertising history. VB is a good inexpensive, full beer that is best served cold after working outside on a hot day.



Unsurprisingly, XXXX Gold is enjoyed more than any other beer in its home state of Queensland, but it also has a lot of fans around the rest of Australia and comes in at the country’s third favourite beer. 12% of drinkers buy it regularly and it was once the biggest beer in Australia back in 2012. A lower carb, mid strength beer (3.5%) with a thick head, XXXX Gold has a light, smooth taste.

Cooper’s Pale Ale


Good to see an ale on the list! Based in Adelaide, Coopers Brewery Limited is actually the largest Australian owned brewery and interestingly has been active since 1862. The green labeled Pale Ale is the most iconic in Coopers’ extensive catalogue and in many circles is considered the quintessential South Australian beer. It is tasty with a fruity, sturdy body and a good thirst quencher.

Crown Lager


Another Victorian beer with a long history, the Crown Lager was first brewed in 1919 and has remained a staple of the commercial Australian beer market since the 1950’s. Marketed as a premium lager, Crown has a fruity aroma and a balanced robust body, yet isn’t too heavy and can be enjoyed in a variety of situations - at least, 8% of the beer drinkers in Australia think so!

So there you have it - Australia’s most popular beers! Keep an eye on the blog because we’ll be looking at the best craft choice in the months that follow... And if you’re in Perth and enjoy a quality frothy, come on down to Wembley Hotel and check out our fine selection of beers on tap!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

5 Happening Bars in Perth You Might Not Want To Miss Out

When you are travelling to land down under, Perth is a must visit city that you wouldn’t want to miss! From the terrific weather and great city beaches, to the lively nightlife, Perth is sure to be a place you won’t soon forget.

If you’re in the city and planning to have a few fun nights out, you might want to check out some of the following bars and pubs!

Sneaky Tony’s

Perth is known for its hidden bars that you almost have to seek out and find yourself. Sneaky Tony’s is one of our favourites and is so hidden and exclusive that it even requires a password to enter (Facebook will help you out here) and you’re unlikely to even notice it as you walk down the street unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, kinda like the “Room of Requirement” in the magical world of Harry Potter, you have to know what exactly you are looking for! Sounds super fun, ha?

It’s certainly worth seeking out and actually draws quite a crowd on the weekend. The interior is dimly lighted (MAGICAL!) and the selection of rum available is quite astounding. There’s also a pretty modern menu with tasty pub meals and wine served on tap. Perfect for a night out with a few close mates!

The Wembley Hotel

Located in the lively western suburb of Wembley, this hotel dates all the way back to the 1930’s.  With the hotel’s rich history, it has become something of an icon in Perth’s hospitality and bar scene. The recently renovated building has a number of function areas, separate bars, a large outdoor courtyard, and a restaurant, making it a good place of choice whether you’re planning a catch up with friends, corporate event or large function.

The Wembley is a family friendly local bar and bistro, supporting Western Australian brands, businesses and people (It’s all about supporting your locality!). There are a host of food and beverage specials all through the week, making it one of those pubs in Perth than you can check out any night or day and know you’re in for a fun time.

So if you want to get the true essence of Western Australia, find The Wembley!  

The Classroom

As far as quirky bars in Perth go, The Classroom has got to top the list. As its name suggests, the theme for this bar is of a school classroom, which actually is quite a novel idea but works on so many levels. The cocktail list is extensive and terrific, so make sure you aren’t the designated driver! The young, funky vibe of the pub is something that makes it popular among the relatively younger population. There’s also a hidden room in the bar so keep your eyes peeled if you’re planning of grabbing a drink here.

Mechanic’s Institute Bar

As has been alluded to, Perth quite frankly enjoys some of the best weather of any city in the world (dare we say it!). That being the case, there are plenty of sunny afternoon to enjoy a bar or two and what better place to do so than on a rooftop! Mechanics’ Institute Bar is one of the most popular rooftop bars in the city, and with it’s rough grungy, urban decorative features has a unique atmosphere. The burgers are on point, the beer is cheap and the cocktails are renowned, what more could some have asked for!

The Laneway Lounge

Situated on Murray Street in the centre of the town, The Laneway Lounge is a lounge in the truest sense of the word. The smooth, jazzy vibe, excellent service and good food makes it a great place to spend the night from start to finish. Late at night you’ll enjoy late music and a cheeky dance and it even makes for a good midweek night out. If lounge bars are your thing, you’ll have the time of your life here.

At the end of the day people have there own tastes in terms of what they look for in a night out, and one of the great things about the city of Perth is that there’s something for everybody. Be sure to explore the city’s nightlife as much as you can because it truly has a lot to offer!