Monday, 27 June 2016

Australia’s 5 Most Enjoyed Beers

Around the world, we Australians are known for our love of beer and it really goes without saying that we’re spoilt with some of the finest, tastiest drops (if you will) brewed and bottled right here in our own backyard. Whether it be our lively craft beer community and culture or even the more common beers you’re likely to enjoy at your local bars or restaurant, we hold our own when it comes to quality brews.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite commercially sold beers here in Australia and what makes them what they are!

Carlton Draught

According to a 2015 study, Carlton Draft is far and away the most widely consumed beer in Australia, enjoyed by a whopping 17% of the country’s beer drinkers. What makes Carlton Draft the go-to for so many Aussies? 
Well for one thing it’s readily available, being served on tap in every state. The beer also is also advertised very effectively, with a number of memorable commercial through the years, various viral marketing campaigns and the fact that it is the official beer of the AFL. Another reason that makes it such a hit is that it’s makes a terrific tap beer (not nearly as good in a stubbie) and it’s distinctively smooth.


Another beer from the South East, Victoria Bitter is just about as Aussie as it comes. The working man’s beer, VB is drunk by 12% of the beer drinking community in Australia and has a decent advertising campaign itself, having one of the most immediately recognisable and distinctive jingles in Australian advertising history. VB is a good inexpensive, full beer that is best served cold after working outside on a hot day.



Unsurprisingly, XXXX Gold is enjoyed more than any other beer in its home state of Queensland, but it also has a lot of fans around the rest of Australia and comes in at the country’s third favourite beer. 12% of drinkers buy it regularly and it was once the biggest beer in Australia back in 2012. A lower carb, mid strength beer (3.5%) with a thick head, XXXX Gold has a light, smooth taste.

Cooper’s Pale Ale


Good to see an ale on the list! Based in Adelaide, Coopers Brewery Limited is actually the largest Australian owned brewery and interestingly has been active since 1862. The green labeled Pale Ale is the most iconic in Coopers’ extensive catalogue and in many circles is considered the quintessential South Australian beer. It is tasty with a fruity, sturdy body and a good thirst quencher.

Crown Lager


Another Victorian beer with a long history, the Crown Lager was first brewed in 1919 and has remained a staple of the commercial Australian beer market since the 1950’s. Marketed as a premium lager, Crown has a fruity aroma and a balanced robust body, yet isn’t too heavy and can be enjoyed in a variety of situations - at least, 8% of the beer drinkers in Australia think so!

So there you have it - Australia’s most popular beers! Keep an eye on the blog because we’ll be looking at the best craft choice in the months that follow... And if you’re in Perth and enjoy a quality frothy, come on down to Wembley Hotel and check out our fine selection of beers on tap!

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