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4 Venue Options For Your End-of-Year Christmas Party at Work

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Planning an end-of-year get together at work s a special occasion in the holiday calendar. It allows staffs and management to let their hair down for a night and share some stories about the work year that was; it’s usually an enjoyable event for all involved! There’s significant research to suggest that it goes a long way to build up team chemistry, integrate new members of the team and even boost employees’ productivity. 

This being the case, the Christmas party is something you want to get right and if it’s your job to organise this event, it’s worth giving some thought. If you’re unsure of an appropriate venue, this article might just help. Many of the locations and venues that come to mind for a birthday party also work for the Christmas function; the difference is you usually have to keep more people happy. Check out the list below for some ideas.

House gathering

This is a little less popular in modern times, as but can make for a lovely night if you have a group that is comfortable and familiar with each other. Dinner can be served however some drinks and appetizers shindig is our recommendation.

Catered home affairs can be a lot of fun however for this to work it does require that the host have a large home and entertainment area. If you have the budget for it we’d recommend having a catering company worry about food, open bar with bartenders and DJ or band/musician.

Another option is to give the gathering a theme - Masquerade, Christmas, or Fancy dress-ups are all options.

Restaurant meal

This is a low-risk venue option that generally works well with small to medium sized groups. Obviously a bit factor comes in the restaurant you choose - depending on how your group is you’ll generally want to book at a restaurant where you can have a chat, but that also has some atmosphere and a bit of background noise too. Some of the best Christmas parties are simple meals out, just make sure it’s a structured affair and it should be a success. After dinner those that want to can go hit the bars and keep the night going!

Function-room party

Hiring out a private room in a restaurant, bar or function hall gives you the flexibility to make the party and the vibe however you want it to be. If you want to go down the costume, fancy dress path, have your guests dress to impress with a cocktail party theme or take on the Christmassy angle (complete with tree and mistletoe) you can. Make sure you pick out something spacious and be conscious of the budget. There are plenty of good function venues in Perth - do your research and you’re sure to find something that suits! 

Group activities

The group activities that are appropriate depend entirely on the kind of business/company in question and the people who are involved. But the main idea is that you don’t need to go down the same path going to a restaurant or bar. Although these are great options and are always a lot of fun, don’t be afraid to go for something a little more unique and out-there.

Organising a wine-tasting event visiting various vineyards is one example that we liked.
Another is when a group of programmers at an IT company spent the day playing video game at the arcade. Others include pool parties, going to a show that is on in town, games-day or even a day at the races!

There are plenty of options when it comes to Christmas parties, give it some thought and you’re sure to come up with something that works for you. If you’re interested in hiring a private function room in Perth, find out what The Wembley Hotel has to offer by visiting our website.

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