Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Culture and History of Food and Drink in Australia

Australia with it's wide variety of restaurants, delis and bistros that puts it amongst the best food & drink capitals of the world when it comes to high quality, fine dining. Thanks to the mix of people, cultures and traditions, the country has a rich tapestry of flavours that is sought after world-wide, influencing other cultures and palettes.

Early Roots from the Sea

With some of the world’s best seafood at hand, many specialist restaurants have gained notoriety in recent years due to the innovative mix of south Asian and European styles, creating a culinary style of their own. 

The country has a rich history of fishing and it continues today with shrimp being a particular favourite, as well as reimagined fish and chips and other classics that were brought over from years gone by. Many new and original meals were created in the early years, with a limited but wide assortment of spices, local nuts, fruits and seafood was prepared and created to start a culinary revolution in the new world.

Eating Outdoors

For nearly 100 years the BBQ has been a mainstay of nearly every Australian home, creating not only a delicious way to enjoy a meal but as a family gathering opportunity or a party. Since the early days, sausages and chops are largely still enjoyed, with a move into chicken, beef, quail and shrimp bringing up the modern era.

With the addition of Asian, Indian and African spices – and native seasonings and flavourings, the BBQ has evolved into a high quality cooking method, with a number of pubs and bars taking advantage of the great quality food that can be enjoyed on them. Venues such as the Wembley Hotel in Perth houses a courtyard that excels in gastro pub style BBQ food making it an ideal party venue.

Bush Tucker Transformed

As the indigenous population of Australia has relied on self-sustained regional food for many thousands of years, the type of food available today has never been wider. Chefs have long used food and drinks native to the country for many years, but there has been a recent spike n interest for tasting the true flavour of the country.

There are many opportunities to go out into the outback and taste the true bush tucker with the help of a tour guide to show you the way, as well as learn about how the food is prepared and cooked in the same way as it was before the Europeans arrived.

Native ingredients continue to be used, and are celebrated in many restaurants, offering the best mix of original, regional, seasonal and flavourful dishes this part of the world does best!

Original Aussie Beverages

Whilst the import of rum and ginger ale were hailed when the country was just beginning, Australia has a rich history of creating its own take on popular drinks. With brewing companies starting early to create popular beers and lagers, the creation of a number of small vineyards back in the day has flourished into a world class wine industry that puts many established wines to shame.

From large scale wine production to small, family-run artisanal vineyards, the wine on offer is exceptionally good in all regards. In recent years, whisky producers have taken their place on the world stage to create some of the best produced alcohol this side of Scotland. Finding a great bar to enjoy fine Aussie ale is easy in Perth, with the Wembley Hotel one of the oldest establishments still running to serve customers in a relaxed style, with good pub grub to match.

Australia has many tastes to savour if you are travelling across the country. From deeply historic native foods and bush tucker, to traditional recipes that people brought over and made fit with the local produce. Fine dining restaurants and a mix of Asian, Indian and African foods to discover, Australia has a meal for every palette – even the best Chicken Parma in the world!

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  1. We flew home to book this venue in June last year. Absolutely loved it here and I'll be certainly waiting to go back there for more events. Regardless of the time of your event, you always get the same thing at NYC venues: reasonable drink prices, great decoration, & friendly staff.