Monday, 8 August 2016

6 Fun Stuffs to Do with Friends That Don't Cost Much

We just celebrated friendship day and many of us are reinventing the magic of friendship once again. Hanging out with the crazy bunch, endless chatting-gossiping, eating-drinking or just random roaming, FRIENDS (had to bring out the reference) seem fun no matter what you do. 
You don’t necessarily need to spend a bucket load of money to have fun time with friends. You just need enthusiasm, love and a little time from your super busy schedule. 

Here are 6 fun stuffs that you can go with your friends without spending much:

Have a Movie Night

You guys have a movie genre that you all like, right? Or fan of a particular fantasy world? Arrange some pop-corn, a few drinks and chips or order pizza, pick up a new movie or an old classic one, invite them all at your home, have a ‘movie night to remember’.

Set Up a Book or ‘Anything Craftsy’ Club

Some of you in the group must love books, collect coins or are hugely interested in DIY crafts. Something that connects your interests. Start a club. Have meet-ups every other week. Share your interest and knowledge. Time will fly and learning something new will be fun.

Visit the Parks or the Beaches, Have a Picnic

Pack your picnic buckets, put on the hat, pick a sunny day and go out for a picnic with your friends. Bathe under the sun, jump in the ocean, get lost in the greens, do any or all of these while being surrounded by your best buddies. 

Fall in Love with Your Town All Over Again

It’s been days you have gone out for a walk just in the city. Now it’s time, find your gang, explore your city with them. Check out the new place that everyone has been talking about for days, visit those hidden streets only you guys know about, indulge in the smells and scenes of your hometown.

Attack the Local Pubs with Full Force 

A night with friends in the local pub, with good food and ice cold beer, who wants more! Every city has those places, popular with both the young and older crowed, have something for everyone. You know which sports bar or pub is the one in your neighbourhood, check in and have a blast!

Go for Hiking or Fishing or Biking or A Photowalk May be?

You have an array of fun stuffs to choose from! Just gotta pick up the phone, make those long delayed phone calls, set up a date and get going! Because life is waiting for you. Don’t regret the time you are missing now for something that probably can be on a hold for a while!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The 4 Most Common Wine Varieties

If you’re a regular wine-drinker, you’ll know that there’s a drop for just about every occasion. Whether it’s the perfect accompaniment to a nice meal, a refreshing drink on a warm day or a way to unwind after a stressful day, you’ll find a wine for the job. At The Wembley Hotel, we serve a range of fine wines varying in quality and flavour. In this month’s article, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the most widely enjoyed red and white wines in Australia and what situations there are suited to.


The go-to red for many, Merlot is often described as being quite soft, with a fruitier flavour than many other red wines. It is made from especially dark coloured grapes which are often harvested earlier - this means that the wine takes longer to mature and can have a lower alcohol content than other reds. In terms of when to enjoy it, Merlot is a classic red meat wine so make sure you have a bottle handy next time you’re cooking up a steak!


Chardonnay is a wine known not only for its ‘malleability’ and varied taste from region to region, but for how easy it is to grow in a range of different areas. This has made it one of Australia’s favourite wines for many years as the grape can prosper just about anywhere, regardless of rainfall and altitude. What constitutes a good drop of chardonnay is difficult to pin down, given that the flavours are so varied from region to region. Chardonnay is greatly influenced by the winemaker and you might pick up on any number of different flavours from vanilla to citrus fruit and coconut.


Grown on some 40,000 hectares in Australia, Shiraz is the popular red wine in the country. It arrived on our shores back in 1831 and has been widely enjoyed ever since! While it is a red, it’s similar to chardonnay in that flavours can change greatly when grown in different areas - indeed this is one of the great things about wine and wine culture. Australian Shiraz varieties tend to big, striking and highly aromatic, making it a fine choice as an accompaniment to a BBQ or roast.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sav Blanc grape originated in France and is now grown across every major continent, with Australian varieties often described as being the best wine to enjoy with seafood, including sushi. Usually enjoyed chilled, Sauvignon Blanc can have a sparse, grassy and acidic taste compared to other whites is quite refreshing in hotter weather.

While they’re all special in their own ways, everybody has a favourite drop of wine. Which is your wine of choice out of those mentioned here? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below! Remember to come and visit us at the Wembley Hotel and check out our extensive wine list.