Monday, 1 February 2016

5 of Australia’s Most Famous Hotels and Pubs

Australia is a vast land with some truly amazing sites and natural landscapes, but it is also home to many a fine country pub, which is something of an icon here down under!

While it’s difficult to narrow down the best pubs from around the country to a single list, let’s take a look at just a few of the most famous and renowned pubs and hotels and what makes them so special.

The Pub With No Beer


While the name of this pub in Taylor’s Arm, NSW is misleading (you can in fact enjoy a cold one here), it remains one of the most famous hotels in all of Australia in part because it shares the name with a hit from of the great country music legend Slim Dusty. Whether the song is named after the pub (or vice versa) is unknown - but there’s no doubt that the bar is special to many locals in the area and nationally. 

In fact, The Pub With No Beer is arguably the most well-known pub in Australia and world-wide and now has a brewery on the grounds.

Australian Heritage Hotel


The oldest licensed pub in Sydney, the Australian Heritage Hotel opened its doors way back in 1824 and has been open and serving a uniquely Australian crop of food and drink ever since (although there was a relocation in the early 1900’s). This includes a fine collection of commercial and craft beers and emu, kangaroo and crocodile dishes. Not to mention the building itself is fairly impressive and registered as an icon with the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

Young & Jackson


Melbourne has a vibrant bar scene but we again give the nod to one of the oldest traditional pubs in the city, the Young & Jackson. A stone’s throw away from the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, this city pub is a favourite for AFL fans on the weekend, so a visit during this time is highly recommended.

In addition, the premises has just recently been renovated and now has a terrific rooftop cider-bar.

Adelaide River Inn

Located along the picturesque Adelaide River, visiting this hotel is certainly worth your time if you’re in this part of Darwin. Whether it be the unique characters that the pub attracts, most of whom are up for a chat, Charlie the buffalo, who appeared in Crocodile Dundee or Maritime photos and memorabilia that covers the walls, the Adelaide River hotel is as fair dinkum Aussie as it comes.

This Brisbane pub is home to an unusual tradition that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else in the world. Organised cockroach racing, of all things, is run on Australia Day in a nearby street, and has been for the past 30 years. It really is something quite extraordinary and draws plenty of crowds every year, making for an electric ambience. Any other day of the year, you can expect outstanding food/drink and good service in a classic colonial building.

While we’re not so vain as to add our own hotel to the list, we take great pride in the history of our hotel and always look at ways to make atmosphere and menu as enjoyable as possible! The large building has a number of spacious function rooms available, a beer garden and award-winning chefs in the kitchen, making it one of Perth’s most iconic bars and a great place for a private event.

Drop The Wembley Hotel a line or simply pop in for a beer anytime to get more info!