Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Benefits of Having Dessert after a Meal

Desserts, also known as pudding or sweets, can encompass a whole range of dishes, the only requirement is that it is the sweet course at the end of many people’s evening meal. Cakes, puddings, fruit, ice-cream and even pastries are all great options and desserts are constantly changing as people experiment with new ingredients and preparation styles.

Having something sweet for dessert could actually be a great way to sneak some more fibre into your diet in order to keep you full until your next meal and may actually be physically beneficial in the long run. 

Having dessert after meal helps to increase the absorption power of the amino acid tryptophan that is present in some food. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid in the human diet and is a portion of most proteins. Tryptophan is an essential nutrient in the diet of humans and actually helps give us feelings of well-being. Dessert may also be a good option for us if we have not eaten in a couple of hours and our blood sugar gets low through hunger, sweating, weakness, sleepiness etc. Consuming desserts can help to reduce the symptoms of reactive hypoglycaemia, and for diabetics, something sweet can even save lives.

Our body actually needs to have a balanced intake of food every day to create an overall balanced diet. Grains and rice are balanced choices but dairy products like cheese and chocolates or consuming just meat will not provide a complete balanced diet. A good equality of all kinds of food - salty, sweet, protein and fibre, with treats in moderation is what our body needs and is often why we sometimes crave certain foods, and why having desserts can make our meal complete.

But there are also some factors to consider for the dessert lovers, as frequent intake of lots of desserts or sweets can be harmful for the body and may lead to gaining excess weight and even developing obesity. Eating desserts containing large amount of sugar can severely affect the health and body and it’s always better not to have dessert after a complex carbohydrate meal.

Whether you are thinking about traditional sweets, cakes and puddings, milk, nuts, fruit or chocolate if you have dessert regularly its best to go for healthy option.

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