Monday, 24 August 2015

How to Decorate Your Party Room for Festival

If you are throwing a party any time soon, it may be a little daunting to find the right theme or decorations to choose to make the night go off with a bang! Your party room decoration ideas don’t just have to be themed around a particular occasion such as a birthday or a wedding party, but will be able to fit in with the type of celebration perfectly with some of these great, simple ideas for your party.

Choosing the right venue for your party will be the first port of call when it comes to finding the right party ideas for your event. Your venue will dictate the size of the party and what you intend to do, so ensure that you don’t make it impossible to walk around the room if you have large tables set out, similarly to not having wide open spaces and make your party feel too empty!

Create a Beautiful Centre Piece

One of the best ways to create something special for your party is to create a centre piece for your party room. This way there is a central focal point on the room and allows everyone to gradually walk around the space that you have and mingle with other guests.

Centre pieces can be as simple as a stylish table design with your birthday cake or balloons around it, or a more dramatic centre piece that displays a large indulgent food buffet or drinks stand such as a cascading champagne glass tower.

In addition to a centre piece, why not theme your party based around the type of celebration you are hosting. If it is a birthday, why not find the perfect banner displaying a happy birthday message, or create a customise banner message to the birthday boy or girl in question. Think balloons, streamers, flowers, finger food and a special gift table where all of the gifts are stored safely out of the way.

Clear the Dance Floor!

If you are hosting a party with lots of music and dancing, then surely the dance floor should take centre stage. Try to arrange a seating arrangement that incorporates the number of people you expect at the party to be able to fully get their groove thing on in comfortable space.

Create a small seating arrangement away from the dance floor, and if you are catering the event, make sure there is enough space for the food you intend to have throughout the night.
For catered parties, many venues can offer you a separate dining room or eating area which is away from the main venue room. For other dining parties such as wedding reception dining can incorporate the theme of the day and is the best way to provide something special for all of the guests.

Let the Party Begin!

Create beautiful table features and flower arrangements for light dinners, and for evening soirees, why not create a candle lit romantic evening that allows you to offer special table top centre pieces for each table.

No matter if you are looking for birthday party ideas, wedding party ideas or just plain simple partying ideas, creating the right atmosphere is vital to a successful night. Create centre pieces in the venue to allow your guests to mingle without the room looking empty, offer seating arrangements that allow the conversation to flow, and provide a large dance floor area for your guests to make this the best party ever!