Sunday, 29 May 2016

5 Happening Bars in Perth You Might Not Want To Miss Out

When you are travelling to land down under, Perth is a must visit city that you wouldn’t want to miss! From the terrific weather and great city beaches, to the lively nightlife, Perth is sure to be a place you won’t soon forget.

If you’re in the city and planning to have a few fun nights out, you might want to check out some of the following bars and pubs!

Sneaky Tony’s

Perth is known for its hidden bars that you almost have to seek out and find yourself. Sneaky Tony’s is one of our favourites and is so hidden and exclusive that it even requires a password to enter (Facebook will help you out here) and you’re unlikely to even notice it as you walk down the street unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, kinda like the “Room of Requirement” in the magical world of Harry Potter, you have to know what exactly you are looking for! Sounds super fun, ha?

It’s certainly worth seeking out and actually draws quite a crowd on the weekend. The interior is dimly lighted (MAGICAL!) and the selection of rum available is quite astounding. There’s also a pretty modern menu with tasty pub meals and wine served on tap. Perfect for a night out with a few close mates!

The Wembley Hotel

Located in the lively western suburb of Wembley, this hotel dates all the way back to the 1930’s.  With the hotel’s rich history, it has become something of an icon in Perth’s hospitality and bar scene. The recently renovated building has a number of function areas, separate bars, a large outdoor courtyard, and a restaurant, making it a good place of choice whether you’re planning a catch up with friends, corporate event or large function.

The Wembley is a family friendly local bar and bistro, supporting Western Australian brands, businesses and people (It’s all about supporting your locality!). There are a host of food and beverage specials all through the week, making it one of those pubs in Perth than you can check out any night or day and know you’re in for a fun time.

So if you want to get the true essence of Western Australia, find The Wembley!  

The Classroom

As far as quirky bars in Perth go, The Classroom has got to top the list. As its name suggests, the theme for this bar is of a school classroom, which actually is quite a novel idea but works on so many levels. The cocktail list is extensive and terrific, so make sure you aren’t the designated driver! The young, funky vibe of the pub is something that makes it popular among the relatively younger population. There’s also a hidden room in the bar so keep your eyes peeled if you’re planning of grabbing a drink here.

Mechanic’s Institute Bar

As has been alluded to, Perth quite frankly enjoys some of the best weather of any city in the world (dare we say it!). That being the case, there are plenty of sunny afternoon to enjoy a bar or two and what better place to do so than on a rooftop! Mechanics’ Institute Bar is one of the most popular rooftop bars in the city, and with it’s rough grungy, urban decorative features has a unique atmosphere. The burgers are on point, the beer is cheap and the cocktails are renowned, what more could some have asked for!

The Laneway Lounge

Situated on Murray Street in the centre of the town, The Laneway Lounge is a lounge in the truest sense of the word. The smooth, jazzy vibe, excellent service and good food makes it a great place to spend the night from start to finish. Late at night you’ll enjoy late music and a cheeky dance and it even makes for a good midweek night out. If lounge bars are your thing, you’ll have the time of your life here.

At the end of the day people have there own tastes in terms of what they look for in a night out, and one of the great things about the city of Perth is that there’s something for everybody. Be sure to explore the city’s nightlife as much as you can because it truly has a lot to offer!

Monday, 2 May 2016

5 Things to Consider When Searching for A Function Venue in Perth

Planning a function or event? It can always be a tiring experience planning and organising a successful party. You have to consider a lot of things including the function venue. Whether it´s a corporate get-together, birthday party or even something as large as a wedding, picking out the best function venue Perth has to offer can take a lot of time and thought. Obviously, the appropriate location will depend greatly on the specifics of your event, and different venues are a better fit for certain types of functions. But there is a process that can help you find the place you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the top considerations.


Given that it can be the biggest constraint to your options, the cost and your budget is the obvious first consideration you need to make.  That’s not to say this should be the main deciding factor in your decision-making process, but often if you’re organising an event on behalf of a business or community body, in which case you will have a specific budget you need to work around. Keep in mind that being a good organiser may mean spending less on the venue and more on entertainment, food and drinks. The best thing to do is to do some research beforehand, and find a venue that costs less but looks absolutely amazing for that price. 


This usually comes down to the type of event you will be hosting. If it’s a business event, you’re likely going to need pretty comprehensive audio/visual equipment, for example. Even more important, if it’s more of a dinner event – does the venue have a kitchen, tables, chairs, decorations and service staff to take care of your guests? Once you´ve decided on the kind of event you’re having and what you need, it becomes clear what kind of venue you’re going to be looking for. Make sure the venue has all your necessities at hand. 


Perth isn´t the largest city in the world from a geographical perspective, and generally it’s not going to a problem for your guests to travel to the event location no matter where they live. But location should always be a consideration with due respect given to your guest-list. Are your guests coming from out of town? Are they familiar with the city? You may need to take this into consideration and choose a relatively easy-to-find venue.

Additionally if you are hosting an event for people that live in a certain district of Perth, it makes sense to hold the event in that general area.


This may come into the equation when considering services and amenities, but certainly the size of the building comes into the planning. Everything may be perfect but if your guests simply aren’t going to fit, it’s simply not going to work. There’s nothing worse than trying to relax when you don´t have your own space. 

Also consider how easy it is to access parking and the number of spaces you’ll need with respect tot your guest-list.

Style and Mood

The exterior and interior of a building can go a long way in creating a certain mood for your guests. The decorations need to be apt for the occasion. The guests need to feel nice and welcomed. A good function organiser will understand the power of these and choose a venue that conveys an appropriate ambience for the event. D├ęcor and other decorative aspects should be considered with reference to the nature of the event.

That's pretty much it! Keep these magic 5 tips in mind while choosing the location for your occasion and the attendants will be impressed with your venue selection. If you have any upcoming occasion, you can even come to The Wembley Hotel and take a look at our facilities, who knows the Wembley might be the one for you!