Thursday, 16 April 2015

5 Useful Engagement Party Ideas

An engagement party is one of the most wonderful parties one can attend. With proper planning, throwing a fantastic engagement party is about as simple as saying "I do!”
Check out these five tips which might help you plan yours.

Do It Your Way

It's best to do things the way you want them, especially if they involve matters of the heart. There will be plenty of people with plenty of advice but you will be the best judge of what will suit you best. A lot of couples face most of the challenges during their engagement party planning. If something difficult to cross comes along the way, don't give up. Sit down, take some time and think it over. That's why it's best to plan an engagement party at least six months before you throw it. That way, you'll get plenty of time to cross the hurdles successfully.


Hire a Photographer

If you plan on capturing the most beautiful moments at your party to look back on, you need to hire a good photographer to capture the memories for you, unless someone decides to come forward and take the responsibility for free! Take people's suggestions on this. Since there is a world of photographers out there, picking one can be quite daunting. Asking your friends, relatives or someone reliable to pick one out for you can be a wise thing to do.


The Decorations

Picture how you want the place to look like. Do you want heart shapes all around? Or do you want both love and humor to surround you? You also don't want to go and overdo things. Keeping it simple and classy is the best thing to do. Plan things out with your partner. You might share a lot of things in common but there could be differences in a few things here and there that are being overlooked. Flush out the opposites and merge the similarities to create a wonderful set up.



Food and Service Is of Utmost Importance

If you want your guests to be comfortable and have fun at your party, you need to focus on the food and service. Picking a reliable place with a range of rooms to choose from is usually a good way to go by since the staff are likely to be experienced and friendly. A fancy place with a fantastic menu is a must if you want your party to rock! You could go over to the venue, have a chat with the manager or the staff and see whether the place would be suitable for your party.

Prepare a Toast

Without a toast, a proper engagement party is never complete. The nuptials need to be given their deserving respect with a heartfelt toast. Typically, the parents or someone important gives the toast and they need to be asked whether they would like to give the toast. Courtesy is important.